3 Glaciers Farm

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3 Glaciers Farm, overlooking the Kachemak Bay on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, is Alaska's only USDA certified organic flower farm. We specialize in cool weather flower varieties, such as peonies. Our USDA certified organic growing methods and sustainable practices include leaving live forest intact and growing instead where bark beetle killed the forest or meadows naturally occur. Rich deposits from Pleistocene Ice Age glaciers infused our soils with fertility, native worm populations further enhance our soils, and we use only organic fertilizers--sparingly. For insect control, we rely upon our resident sandhill cranes and our abundant spider populations. Bees, dragonflies, and swallows abound--as do moose, bear, lynx, and eagles. We water our crops with naturally occurring spring water, supplemented with pollution-free rainwater. 


          One of our giant blooms:  USDA Certified Organic Dinner Plate


                          Our resident sandhill cranes coming in for a landing

For us our USDA organic certification illustrates our commitment to protecting Alaska's wildlife and land. 

Our farm has roots in the homesteading era of Alaska when William Wakeland, a decorated veteran of the U.S. Airborne, homesteaded this land in 1947.  For him it represented adventure and healing after World War II. Our family purchased this homestead in 1996 and settled on it in 2001.

Over the last several years, we've worked to make this Alaska's first Certified Organic peony farm. For us the land is more than a business, it's our home--our little slice of a wild and wonderful land. Through our certified organic flowers a portion of our home can become a part of yours. 


     Larry: Farm co-owner and brain cancer survivor of 17 years


                William Wakeland at the "W Tree" on our farm in 1947

                        Sustainable, USDA Certified Organic, and Alaskan Grown